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A low maintenance approach to plant care, this is a fertiliser for people who forget to fertilise.

We've looked to the oceans to create this natural product packed with all the perks of three of the most beneficial seaweed varieties, paired with nutrient rich Frass.

Our Bio Pellets are packed with nutrients that slowly release into soil to keep plants happy and healthy. But why stop there? These little pellets punch well above their weight by:

  • Providing plants with a complete feed
  • Increasing water retention
  • Helping plants bounce back from a rough patch
  • Encouraging new growth or flowering
  • Nourishing soil microbes doing important work
  • Helping plants defend against pests and pathogens with chitin to activate their natural defences case you were wondering? Yup, it's a natural, organic product.

We have created these pellets using a combination of three Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Kelps and sustainable, carbon-negative Frass.

Safety: Not for human consumption. Avoid breathing in dust or mists, wear gloves and keep moist when handling. Wash hands after use




Application Rate

Use Description Application
Potting Mix Blending into potting mix Mix through 15-20 tablets per litre of potting media. Water in to activate
Indoor Plants Top dress above rootzone One tablespoon (approx. 8-10 pellets) every 6-8 weeks for best results. Alternatively, sprinkle a few pellets around the root ball every two weeks.
Garden Beds Turn through garden beds Incorporate into soil for best results. Turn through 3L per 10m2. Water in to activate. Apply mulch to retain moisture
Hydroponics and root drench Brew tea 24 hours prior, and strain for drip systems 1/2 cup per 100L water